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Posted by on 22 Mar, 2014 in Deserturi, Retete | 0 comments

Raw vegan macaroons recipe

Raw vegan macaroons recipe


If you are looking for refinement and sophistication taste in a delicious cake, macaroons can surprise and satisfy your demands. In order to cook this kind of raw cupcakes you should learn the secret ingredient which lightens this process that seems complicated! You should try right now cooking this cakes than think you won’t succed! We did the same, and the result was surprising right from our first attempt…

You’ll need for 6 pieces:
– cocoa butter, 100 gr
– cashew nuts flour, 5 spoons
– agave syrup or honey
– agar (optional), 1 tablespoon
– bourbon vanilla powder
– carob powder or alkaline cocoa, 2 teaspoons
– essential lemon oil
– essential peppermint oil
– algae (spirulina or chlorella )
– persimmon, 100 gr
– avocado
– almond flour (optional)

To make:
Melt butter. During the steam bath add agar-agar. Pulse the mixture after you turned off the fire upon it becomes slightly gelatinous. Add 5 tablespoons flour cashew nuts. The composition will be equal divided.

To color and savor cakes we recommend you to add onto the melt butter:
– algae powder and a drop of peppermint to obtain green and refreshing taste;
– a teaspoon of curcuma and two drops of lemon essential oil to obtain yellow color and sweet and sour taste;
-two teaspoons of carob powder to obtain black and chocolate intense flavor.

Working quickly, put the mixture into macaroons forms (we prefer the silicone ones). Don’t forget to take into account the coloring when you fill up these forms!
Refrigerate immediately, allowing the macaroons to solidify. After 15 to 30 minutes of refrigerating, place in pairs the macaroons to be filled.

We filled up the macaroons with raw chocolate cream made of 100 grams of hydrated and well squeezed by water dates, half avocado, honey to the taste or other natural edulcorant, almond flour.


forma macarons

Raw Vegan Macaroons

Raw Vegan Macaroons
Raw Vegan Macaroons
Raw Vegan Macaroons

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